It's our 13th year of Generosity, and there's only one way to celebrate … a bar mitzvah! Join us for a night of friends, signature cocktails, delicious food, dancing, and raffles, plus a shot of nostalgia.

Relive your own rite of passage without the stress of practicing your haftorah portion! And this time, you can drink more than Shirley Temples.

The memories will last a lifetime. Don’t miss out!

Emerging Leaders & Philanthropists is NYC’s destination for community-involved, socially conscious professionals in their 20s and early 30s.

All attendees must be at least 21 years of age.
Dress to impress.


Generosity Signature Event Chairs
David Hakim, Chelsea Lax, Bari Weiss

ELP Collective Chair
Harry Kastenbaum

ELP Collective Vice Chairs
Jonathan Ehrlich and Ricki Shenfeld Tishman

ELP Collective Leadership Board
Kerri Aidikoff, Steven Berman, David Ehrlich, Jennifer Friedman, Sara Geiger, Rob Goldman, Alexa Hakim, Jenny Halis, Eric Heiman, Isabelle Hochberg, Allison Holzberg, Harisen Kardon, Sophie Lasry, Marc Mechanic, Lexi Milstein, Jami Moore, Andrew Nitkin, Ariel Okin, Benjamin Okin, David Okin, Nikki Pepperman, Allie Plotsky, David Rome, Andrew Ruben, Sam Schear, Alexa Schwarz, Kyle Shenfeld, Cassandra Siegel, Johnny Sirulnick, Stuart Tishman

Generosity Signature Event Host Committee – In Formation
Isaac Abady, Bari Abrams, Will Alisberg, Erica Baevsky, Chelsea Becker, Robyn Becker, Olivia Benalloul, Amy Bielory, Jordan Bloom, Maddy Brooks, Sarah Chartash, Danielle Chera, Erica Cohen, Mara Crespi, Alex Damaghi, Sasha Engelman, Lauren Epstein, Sophie Fritz, Rachel Gerber, Jill Goldfarb, Eliana Goodman, Ryan Greenwald, Ilana Gromis, Harris Hammer, Alli Jacobs, Maya Jesselson, Alex Kalmus, Brittany Kraff, Stefan Krawitz, Melanie Kressel, Julie Kutchin, Lauren Leffell, Jennifer Mandelbaum, Edie Margolis, Adam May, Rachel Medin, Heather Miller, Libby Miller, Alexandra Mitchell, Brittany Nadler, Hayley Nerenberg, Lauren Peikoff, Lexi Quitko, Nicholas Raffin, Chase Reiter, Ethan Rosenbaum, Ben Rosengart, Michelle Rusinek, Adam Sadaka, Cesar Sassoon, Marti Satnick, Mollie Schear, Andie Schneider, Matt Schwartz, Amanda Shane, Cori Sharfstein, Michael Shenfeld, Josh Sherman, Sydney Sherman, Elizabeth Shevins, Jessica Shevins, Jamie Shulman, Adam Silverman, Ariel Silverstein, Anna Slootsky, Morgan Spindler, Danielle Stadler, Amanda Stoopler, Chloe Street, Margo Suder, Max Tabak, Rachel Tabak, Lauren Volpert, Adam Weinstein, Rachel Weinstock, Perri Weiss, Alec Werner, Hillary Winnick, Lizzie Winter, Jenna Zerker

Welcome to ELP.

Emerging Leaders & Philanthropists is here for you — a community of people in their 20s and 30s who want to make an impact. No matter where you are in life, we’re your go-to resource for opportunities that innovate, intrigue, and inspire. Connect with peers and change lives through volunteer projects, overseas travel, career-based networks, leadership development, and content-rich programs and experiences. Find out more.


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